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American Bluegrass Sod



American Bluegrass™ Drought Tolerant Sod

American Bluegrass is our carefully selected signature blend of the finest and most drought-tolerant Kentucky Bluegrasses which are renowned for their deep emerald blue-green hue and medium to fine leaf texture.


It's this unique combination that gives American Bluegrass an especially soft feel and velvety appearance, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a lush, vibrant, and beautiful lawn.








Full sun to shade



Everything You Need to Know About Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most widely used types of grass in North America, especially when it comes to creating beautiful, lush green lawns. However, despite its name, Kentucky Bluegrass is not from Kentucky and it’s definitely not blue.


Kentucky Bluegrass is actually native to Europe and only first appeared in North America when European settlers started bringing it over. The term bluegrass on the other hand is a bit more accurate, as Kentucky Bluegrass’s flower heads are blue when it's allowed to grow to its full natural height of 2-3 feet tall.


Kentucky Bluegrass grows a particularly dense and interwoven root system that makes it a popular choice for sports fields and other public areas where its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic is especially useful.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Why Choose American Bluegrass Turf?

Our American Bluegrass drought-tolerant sod takes all of the beauty and resilience of traditional Kentucky Bluegrass and takes it a step further. We’ve spent years perfecting our signature blend of the finest and most resilient types of Kentucky Bluegrass making it the most drought-resistant, low-maintenance, and luxuriously soft turf grass available.


One of the most significant benefits of American Bluegrass is its ability to adapt to a variety of different growing conditions. Our signature blend of bluegrass turf grass thrives in both full sun and shade, making it a particularly good choice for lawns that get uneven exposure to the sun.

However, the thing we are most proud of is American Bluegrass’s superior ability to withstand drought. It’s no secret that Utah receives some of the lowest levels of rainfall of any state in the US, but with American Bluegrass, your lawn will stay lush and beautiful even in the most extreme low water conditions.


Whether you’re looking to get a whole new lawn or simply rejuvenate one that already exists, American Bluegrass turf is an excellent choice. Its unique combination of drought tolerance and durability along with its luxurious feel make it the perfect choice for families who love spending time out enjoying their yards.

Kentucky Bluegrass

The Highest Quality Bluegrass Grass From Our Sod Farm to Your Home

At All American Sod, we take pride in providing our customers with only the freshest and highest-quality drought-tolerant sod, which is why all of our American Bluegrass sod is grown from new seed each year.


We then use advanced machinery to precisely cut each piece of sod with the utmost precision and carefully load it into our trucks to be delivered, ensuring that your sod arrives in pristine condition.


American Bluegrass sod is easy to install and can be laid in a matter of only a few hours, providing an instantly beautiful lawn, so no matter how big or small your next project is, you can trust American Bluegrass from All American Sod to give you the lush green lawn you’ve always wanted.

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