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American Oasis Turf


American Oasis™ Turf Type Tall Fescue Drought Tolerant Sod

American Oasis Turf Type Tall Fescue Drought Tolerant Sod is the perfect solution for anyone looking to instantly transform your yard into a beautiful, durable, and drought-tolerant lawn.


This elite blend of dwarf turf type Tall Fescue grasses is specially formulated to provide all of the best qualities of Tall Fescue grass, with the added benefits of drought tolerance and improved resilience that make it an even better choice for any homeowner looking to revamp their lawn.

Everything You Need to Know About Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a dark green cool-season grass that’s commonly used all over the US, especially in transition areas where both warm season and most other cool-season grasses have trouble growing.


Tall Fescue grass grows deep roots and has a medium blade width which allows it to withstand stress and heavy use and makes it a popular choice for athletic fields and other public areas where heavy foot traffic is the norm.


Tall Fescue grows best in soils that are heavy with organic matter, making it an ideal match for Utah’s clay-heavy soil, and it’s more shade tolerant than most other cool season grasses allowing it to thrive in areas that receive little sunlight.


Why Choose American Oasis Tall Fescue Sod?

American Oasis is our specially selected blend of the most drought-tolerant dwarf turf type Tall Fescue grasses all of which are deep-rooted, endophyte-enhanced, and pest, insect, and disease resistant.


We’ve spent years fine-tuning our formula to withstand extreme heat and low water conditions, making American Oasis ideal for Utah’s drought-prone climate, and its dark green color gives it a lush and inviting look that will make your lawn the envy of all your neighbors.


American Oasis grows an incredibly deep root system that enables it to absorb more water and allows it to quickly recover from wear and tear. This makes American Oasis much tougher and more durable than other traditional types of Tall Fescue and allows it to withstand heavy foot traffic from pets, kids, and adults alike without becoming damaged and thinning out.


All of these qualities make American Oasis turf type Tall Fescue perfect for families who have children and pets that love to run around and play in your yard.


The Highest Quality Tall Fescue From Our Sod Farm to Your Home

At All American Sod, we take pride in growing and producing the highest quality and most drought-tolerant Tall Fescue sod, which is why we plant our sod from seed every year to ensure uniform beauty, quality, and freshness.


When it's ready to be harvested, we employ state-of-the-art equipment to cut each piece of sod with the utmost precision to ensure that the roots are protected and each piece is as easy to handle and install as possible.


We then carefully load the sod onto one of our delivery trucks to be sent off, guaranteeing that your sod arrives undamaged and ready to install.


With American Oasis from All American Sod, you can easily transform your yard into the lush green paradise you’ve always dreamed of in only a few short hours. So, if you’re thinking about giving your lawn a much-needed makeover, you can trust American Oasis to provide a healthy, beautiful, and low-maintenance lawn for years to come.

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