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Best Sod Supplier in Sandy

The Best Sod Supplier in Sandy, UT

We all want our lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood but keeping a healthy green lawn is often easier said than done, and finding a trustworthy and affordable sod supplier can be tricky.


However, All American Sod continues to proudly serve homeowners in Sandy, offering competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and the best drought-tolerant sod grown in Ferrozite the state of Utah has to offer.

Where to Buy Sod in Sandy, UT

If you are looking for sod in Sandy, All American Sod is here to help. With over 40 years of experience growing, cultivating, and experimenting with sod, we know that our signature blends of drought-tolerant grasses make for the most resilient and low-maintenance sod on the market.


Every homeowner wishes that they could have a beautiful yard without needing to spend so much time maintaining it, and with our drought-tolerant sod, you’ll be able to instantly transform your yard into a lush oasis that will be the envy of all of Sandy.

Lowest Sod Prices in Sandy

The Lowest Sod Prices in Sandy

It's one thing to have an amazing product but our superior expertise allows us to offer the best sod prices Sandy has ever seen. No matter if you want to completely redo your whole lawn or if you have something smaller in mind, you’ll get the dream lawn you want without breaking the bank.

Transform Your Home With The Best Drought-Tolerant Sod Grass

Utah’s semi-arid climate can make it particularly difficult to keep a healthy, vibrant lawn, but with our unique blends of drought-tolerant Kentucky Bluegrasses and Tall Fescue grasses, our sod can thrive in extreme conditions that other traditional types of grass simply can’t handle.


Our sod is grown and precisely cut so that it can be moved and installed quickly and with ease, allowing you to not only transform your lawn in an instant, but also ensure that it stays healthy, lush, and green long after you lay it down.

Transform your home
Sod Farm To Your Home In Sandy

From Our Sod Farm to Your Home in Sandy

When we started with just a small 20-acre farm and a walk behind harvester back in 1978, we never imagined just how much things would change over the next 40 years. Nowadays things are much bigger and our sod is harvested by self-propelled, computer-operated harvesters that cut much quicker and with more precision.


However, we don’t just grow and sell our sod. We’ll also deliver it right to your door. Sod needs to be installed within a day of its delivery but we know that you’re busy and being flexible with our deliveries is important, so we operate our own fleet of trucks to make sure that you can get your new sod exactly when and where you are ready to receive it.

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