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All American Sod specializes in supplying grasses that are known for their ability to withstand drought conditions. For many, a lush, green lawn is a symbol of proud home ownership as well as a pleasant place on which to relax or play.


ELawns, however, require water–water which, depending where you live, may be in short supply. For this reason we offer sod blends that require 15 to 20% less water than a typical Kentucky Blue grass. In most areas of Utah a typical lawn will need over 40″ of supplemental water every year. You will see Kentucky Blue grasses marketed as being drought tolerant or a water saving grass, that is due to a blue grasses ability to go dormant during a drought and come back once it receives sufficient watering. Our grass blends, actually require typically 30″ or less water without going dormant, staying green all season long.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass is best suited to lawns that have a lot of traffic and full sun to partial shade. Kentucky bluegrass recovers well from frequent use.

  • Tall Fescue is a good general purpose turfgrass for Utah. It often has greater heat tolerance and can tolerate more shade than Kentucky bluegrass. It may also get by on somewhat less irrigation due to its deep rooting. While older varieties were coarse in texture, most tall fescue varieties approach the look of Kentucky bluegrass.

  • Fine-Leaf Fescue is ideal for shady areas and has slow growth and low fertilizer needs. Most are drought tolerant.

  • Ryegrass is relatively high maintenance, but can provide the most formal stripped appearance of the turfgrasses. It is often mixed with Kentucky bluegrass for quick establishment, diversity, and color.


  1. Mow lawn at 3″ height

  2. Don’t set it and forget it (Automatic Timer)

  3. Water 1/2″ when grass begins to turn grey

  4. Water deep and less frequent

  5. Follow a fertilization plan

  6. Proper soil preparation

  7. Buy drought tolerant grasses from ALL AMERICAN SOD


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