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Updated: Sep 22, 2023


Iron is an essential micronutrient that plays an important role in maintaining soil and plant health, so making sure that your soil has a sufficient level of iron is crucial if you want your lawn and garden to grow and thrive.

Luckily, adding Iron to soil is easier than ever with products like Ferrozite. By adding Ferrozite to the soil in your lawn and garden, you can ensure that all of your plants have the iron and other essential nutrients that they need to stay healthy, lush, and beautiful for years to come.

What is Ferrozite Iron Soil Amendment?

Unlike traditional chemical iron fertilizers, Ferrozite is all-natural iron and nutrient-rich soil from the heart of Sevier County, Utah. This unique, effective, and eco-friendly iron Soil Amendment can be used as a soil amendment to replenish the levels of iron and other important nutrients in the soil in your lawn and garden.

What Are The Benefits of Using Ferrozite Iron Soil Amendment?

Using Ferrozite can benefit your lawn and garden in a number of ways, especially when compared to other more traditional amendments.

The main benefit is Ferrozite’s incredibly high iron and nutrient content. As you know, iron is essential to healthy plant growth, and iron-deficient soil can cause stunted growth and yellow leaves in the plants that grow in it. Ferrozite prevents this by providing a steady years-long time-release of iron that keeps lawns and gardens healthy and beautiful for years after it was first applied.

Ferrozite provides plenty of other benefits in addition to its high levels of iron. Ferrozite is all-natural mountain soil. so it is naturally enriched with tons of other important nutrients (P, K, Ca, Ma, S, Z) that plants need to stay healthy and has a nearly perfect Ca:Mg ratio. See

It’s also nearly weed seed free, meaning that you won’t have to worry about introducing new pesky weeds into your lawn and garden, and because it’s so easy to spread and mix into your existing soil, Ferrozite is an incredibly convenient choice for anyone who wants to give their plants the nutrient boost they need.

How to Use Ferrozite Iron Fertilizer

Ferrozite is an incredibly quick and easy way to make sure that your soil has the iron and other nutrients they need to grow, and the process of spreading it is incredibly simple.

All you need to do is spread the Ferrozite evenly across the top of the soil in your future lawn or garden. Then, simply till the soil to a depth of about six inches to ensure that the Ferrozite is sufficiently mixed into the soil where it's easily accessible to your plants.

Once mixed with the soil in your lawn or garden, the Ferrozite begins releasing iron and other nutrients slowly and consistently, making anything you decide to plant in it lush, healthy, and dark green for years to come.

No matter where you live or how iron-depleted your soil is, Ferrozite is the highly effective iron Soil Amendment that you can trust to transform your lawn and garden into the lush beautiful paradise you’ve always wanted.

Helpful HInt

Nitrogen is the only chemical that moves quickly with water through the soil and can be depleted with too much water. Adding Nitrogen to your soil is important to do multiple times every year (Early Spring, Early Summer, Early Fall, and Late Fall) after your lawn or garden has been installed. Nitrogen improves the green growth of plants and photosynthesis. Adding any other nutrients is also helpful and will prolong the benefit of the Ferrozite in the soil.

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