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Pallets have been a difficult thing for us and the customer alike. We have developed a method of removing the sod off the pallets so you don’t have to be burdened with deposits and the hassle of returning them to us. Our pallet removal system is unmatched in the state of Utah. We gently slide the sod off the pallet, and take them with us when we leave.


If you want to keep the pallets to move the sod around, we charge a deposit of $25 each that is refundable.

  • As a rule, we slide the pallets out from under the sod and take them with us!

  • Our pallet system removes the hassle of returning pallets and paying pallet deposits!!

  • If you want to use them pallet deposits are $25 each, and can be returned for a full refund.



Each Pallet has 64 small rolls of our sod stacked on a pallet of 640 sq ft per pallet. Our computer controlled harvester cuts and stacks the sod in a uniform and precise manner.


Our sod is light weight, and easy to install. Even younger children can carry the sod and help with installation. Each piece is a uniform 24″ X 60″ (2′ X 5′) making 10 Sq Ft per roll. Each piece will weigh 35-50 lbs depending on water content.


Compare our sod grown in Southern Utah Super Soil to our competitors and you will see a big difference in the thickness of the cut. Thinner cut sod allows feeder root to quickly attach to the soil providing water and nutrients to the plant. Thicker cut sod has heavier rhizomes that are slower to attach to the soil. Feeder roots are fast growing small hairlike roots usually found close to the surface of the grass plant.

Our thin cut sod 1/2 Inch Thick

Our Customers say this:

“I love your sod it is easy to handle and grows in beautifully” B Adams

Before or after installing a lawn from All American Sod will be an enjoyable experience that you will share with your friends and neighbors.

“That process is so slick, it makes me smile every time I watch it. I would rather not mess with the pallets anyway.” R Payne

Delivered Sod.

We contacted All American Sod three days prior to when we needed to have Sod delivered. They were the only Sod company in the area willing to deliver on such short notice (all other companies were booked two weeks out).

We purchased 3,200 sq ft of sod and were quoted $0.34 a sq. foot.

During the initial phone call, they provided us a time range we could expect to have our sod delivered. They delivered on time near the beginning of the quoted time window.

This company did not charge a pallet deposit. During delivery, they dropped the sod as close to our project as possible and the tool they used to do so was able to scoot the sod off the pallet. This was great because we did not have to return any pallets!

The sod itself was in good condition. Out of 3,200 sq ft, we had maybe 4 rolls with a few weeds in them. As long as the sod we kept moist, we had no problems laying it ourselves. Hardscaping Services

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